Exploring the Modern Spanish Style House

The allure of the modern Spanish style house continues to captivate many, thanks to its blend of Mediterranean design, rustic allure, and contemporary elegance. From its distinctive terracotta roof tiles to intricate ironwork accents, a modern Spanish style home offers a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance, ideal for families or social gatherings.

What characterizes the modern Spanish style?

The modern Spanish style house artfully fuses classic and contemporary elements in its interior design. Common features include wrought iron fixtures, tiled floors, arched doorways and windows, and ornate iron accents. Additionally, warm and vibrant colors like ochre and terracotta create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

While these features often grace the exteriors of houses, they can also be incorporated into your interior design, even if your home doesn’t inherently possess a Spanish-style architecture.

Incorporating the modern Spanish style into your home

If you’re considering integrating this style into your home, a few key elements can make a significant difference. Begin by investing in unique doors, windows, and fixtures with Spanish-inspired details such as ornate accents and wrought iron. Soft curves are a staple, with Spanish-style homes favoring arched doorways over harsh lines.

Exposed ceiling beams, often wooden and either left natural or stained a dark hue, are another critical element in many Spanish homes. You can introduce faux-beams or strip and treat covered beams to achieve this look.

Furniture should embrace curves and wood tones, while walls can be painted warm ochre or terracotta hues. Emphasize natural materials, especially in flooring or countertops. Spanish-style tiles with ornate patterns are gaining popularity and can be found in many hardware stores. These tiles could enrich your backsplash, bathroom, or kitchen floor.

Plaster is also fundamental to the modern Spanish style. Instead of conventional painting, consider a plaster treatment to add texture to your walls. Stick to natural color tones for the paint.

Lastly, accessorize with d├ęcor items that embody the Spanish style, such as rugs, tiles, pottery, and paintings.

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