Groundbreaking Home Design Concepts that Will Set Your Home Apart in 2023

Are you looking to spice up your home? Do you want to renovate but don’t know where to start? Look no further. In this blog post, DYM Builders will provide several innovative home renovation ideas that are sure to make your neighbors jealous. These designs are unique and stylish, but they are also easy to implement. So whether you’re looking to increase livable space or add a new patio area, we have the perfect solutions for you!

Transform your attic or garage into a livable space

Maximize the potential of your house by transforming your attic or garage into additional living space. This is an excellent way to incorporate an extra bedroom, office, or playroom. You can also use this space to craft a home gym or studio. The possibilities are truly limitless!

To convert your attic or garage into a habitable space, you’ll need to finalize the room with suitable insulation, drywall, and flooring. A professional contractor can assist with these steps and can also help you furnish and style the space once it’s complete!

Incorporate a sliding barn door to conserve space in your hallway

If you’re dealing with a compact space, you’ve likely encountered issues regarding your doors. Closet doors that swing open into the hallway can obstruct passage. Similarly, bathroom doors consume a lot of valuable space in an already small room.

Installation of a sliding barn door not only adds an aesthetic feature to your house but also increases your usable space. When opened, the doors either slide into a pocket or along the wall. Either way, you’ll save a significant amount of room.

Design a reading nook by the window with comfortable seating and ample light

Who doesn’t relish sitting near the window immersed in a good book? Consider designing a reading nook by creating built-in seating under a window. The built-in bench can also connect to shelving to frame the window—a perfect space to store your books! If you don’t want to introduce built-ins, you can also place some comfortable furniture by the window and create a vignette, regardless of the room.

Construct a small deck in your backyard for afternoon barbecues with friends

With the increased emphasis on home time, our outdoor spaces have become more important than ever! Establishing a small deck or patio in your backyard can provide the ideal space for grilling, unwinding, and socializing with friends. You can even install a firepit or an outdoor kitchen later down the line.

Building a deck is a relatively straightforward process if you’re skilled with lumber and tools. You can also construct a patio with stones or pavers. However, if you’re not comfortable using tools, ensure to hire a professional contractor for this project.

Establish a home cinema with comfortable seating and ambient lighting

If you have extra room in your home, either in an extra bedroom or a basement, you can create a home theater! Basements work especially well for this project due to their darker atmosphere. You can install a projector and screen or invest in a television. Then, add comfortable seating and some ambient lighting to complete the space. Ensure to soundproof the room to avoid disturbing the neighbors!

Introduce a Murphy bed to your guest room for extra space when needed

Similar to a pocket or sliding door, a Murphy bed can significantly enhance your home’s usable space. Murphy beds fold up into the wall, so when you don’t have guests, you can repurpose the room. For instance, a guest room could transform into a home office during the work week.

Installing a Murphy bed isn’t as simple as mounting a shelf, but it’s also not as complex as constructing an addition. You can purchase pre-built Murphy beds or construct one yourself. If you’re uncertain about your wall’s load-bearing capacity, contact a professional contractor.

Incorporate skylights to invite natural light and improve air quality

Skylights can facilitate the entry of natural light into your space, making it feel more open and airy. They can also enhance the quality of your indoor air by reducing pollutants and increasing ventilation when open. A less expensive alternative to skylights is solar tubes, a smaller feature that can connect the roof to the ceiling of a room.

These are just a handful of the innovative home design ideas that we believe will spark envy in your neighbors. So if you’re looking to infuse some extra charm into your home, be sure to browse our blog for more fantastic ideas, or contact ARCH Design Studio for a free consultation.

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